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Thank you for reporting this issue! This has been fixed in OzCode v4. The Early Access Preview will be available in the next few months.

Hi Rob, I'm very sorry for this mistake. The reason this happened is because we've added a new endpoint for anonymous telemetry on our website in the v3.5 EAP (which as you noticed, isn't even up yet) and mistakenly did not check the flag before reporting to this new endpoint. We've just shipped a hotfix version that addresses this in v3.5.0.7031. You should get a notification offering the update once you close down all instances of Visual Studio, or you can simply download it from our web site. Thank you very much for alerting us about this issue.

We have released the last release candidate as a v3.5 EAP this Friday. You can find more details on . Barring any unexpected surprised / showstoppers, this RC will be promoted to be the v3.5 RTM. Note that we already released some teasers for OzCode v4 - check out this Channel9 video for more details:

Thanks for reporting this! This is a known issue and we are deploying the fix for it soon. You will see the fix in OzCode v3.5 RTM.

Thanks! This error seems to suggest that earlier on, OzCode failed to load its Probe assembly into the debuggee. That might appear earlier in your log file?

Thanks for the comment, Hbx! Can you please send us your latest log files from %TEMP%\OzCode\Logs to

No, but indeed the time difference between v3.5 RTM and v4 EAP may be short. We are still ironing out some issues with the new crazy-fast search. Note that there will be at least one more update to v3.5 EAP before it RTMs, which will also include the Conditional Search feature shown in the recent webinar.

Hi there,

OzCode v3.5 EAP was released in September and last month we released a webinar which shows some of the cool new features in the EAP (especially around to 8 minute mark and onward). However, the super exciting news is that OzCode v4 will be a monumental jump forward for us, as we've spent the past year and a half cooking up something very special. The first video covering some of the features that are coming in OzCode v4 has already been recorded and will be released in January 2018 on the Channel9 "Visual Studio ToolBox" show. Please stay tuned to our blog and social media as we'll definitely be sending out updates when it is released.

Thanks for the clarification, Jakub. That makes perfect sense.

Hi Jakub, the fact we're still showing you values on return values is something we considered to be a feature rather than a bug - or rational is that return values are so important that you'd always want to see them. I understand that you do not feel this way, and would prefer to have the feature completely off?