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Hi guys... 3 years and still on "planned"? Should just close this, because VS now have this feature.

4 years? Still on "planed"? 

Hi guys,

I just installed the beta and already have my firsts impressions.

  • Exporting in JSON was everything OK.
  • In C#: I have one object with a list of 10k objects, I was hopping to get all 10k objects however I just got 500 and before you ask me yes I saved to a file to get all code. The window ("Export Results") doesn't tell me that I will get only the first 500 objects not 10.000.
  • In this list we use Enum's, but in the export to C# code, they was ignored and place like a text.

This was my first impressions, I hope to get more in the near future.

Kevin, you are a right in some meaner however, in a few times I had to compare the new exception to the old one just to make sure they are the same, but it's not an obligation. I could just copy the exception to sublime while I was trying to simulate the problem.

Hi Igal,
   Thank you, I never used that "eye". Forget what I sad, please.
Hi, Omer.
    I just sent you one e-mail but I will also write here to keep the record. I find you, when you attach a process then you can´t edit the values using the interfaces.

I Hope this will help. Thanks
Hi, guys!
  I tried to use this feature today and get the same issue, even when double clicked, is not working. You double click on the text, he goes to a blank textbox but it´s not possible to enter any text. 

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