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We can confirm that this request is now implemented.

Currently, Visual Studio already has a performance tooltip. 

This is more of a profiler feature request rather than a debugger one :)

Hi Kenneth!

Have you tried using our Reveal feature? Once you star properties, it will override the VS DebuggerDisplay attribute. This will allow you to filter out properties that you do not wish to see, using our Search feature.

Additionally, you can always apply your DebuggerDisplay attribute as a Custom Expression (with minor syntax adjustments).

We believe that OzCode’s Time-Travel feature, along with our HUD, render the VS watch window unnecessary.

The VS watch window lacks context for the specific point in time, while Time Travel lets you navigate to a specific time and place and see the results right away (including the ability to use all of our other features).

Hi Joe,

We have reviewed this request and actually find it quite challenging due to the difficulty with creating the execution context (as you mentioned). Do you have any ideas on how to easily create such execution context?

Hi Tuan and thanks for your request. 

Could you please elaborate a bit, or give us a specific example of what exactly you'd like to see?

Thanks for the info :)

This is not in our short term plans, but is definitely something we'd love to do in the future.

A quick followup question: what languages are you using in VS Code and what applications are you writing?

Thanks, we agree that this is a great idea.
Indeed these are two features worth combining, as the problem with exporting data to excel is that we currently lose valuable information on any object that doesn’t implement ToString ().

Thanks, we think this is a really great idea and can think of even more advanced capabilities in the same feature. For example, it could be useful to filter which members we had a breakpoint on based on their accessibility, the interfaces they implement, etc.

We imagine this as a dialogue with many check-boxes that are very easily filtered by text.