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Thank you very much for letting us know,

We'll investigate, we'll keep you posted when we have news.

You are absolutely right, we also feel the same way about this and we'll be sure to fix this.

Hi, we'll be happy to help with your payment needs, please contact our sales department: and we'll promptly assist.

Thanks for the report, we will further investigate and fix this and we'll update this post once there's a new version available.


Unity support is currently experimental only but we hope to fully support it in the future.

Hi Rob,

Actually, we just forgot to change the version number but the downloadable file is indeed OzCode v3.0. OzCode will let you know if there's a new update whenever you close all instances of VS. also, you're also welcome to take a look at our version history


Unfortunately we don't support it yet but we really hope to in the future.

Thank you very much for the idea, we agree that this may prove useful in a lot of cases. By the way, Tracepoints can sometimes achieve the same goal.

Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for the report, we've managed to reproduce the problem and our dev team will further investigate.

Thanks for the idea.

We would like to do this for all the popular Mocking frameworks.