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Hi Ronen,

To enter your subscription into OzCode, you don't need a license key. You can simply log into OzCode using your email and password.

To do so,
1. Make sure you have the latest version of OzCode (at least v2.0.0.2320. Here's a direct download link for VS2012, VS2013, and VS2015 and a different download for VS2017.
2. Click OzCode->About


2. Click "Log In"


3. Type in your email and password, and you're done! If you can't find your password, please go to the Forgot Password page to reset your password.


Hi Toby,

Thanks for the suggestion, the request makes sense. We hope to support it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your idea, that makes sense. Note that in OzCode v3.5 we are releasing a feature that allows filtering items in a Collection. We will definitely look into filtering properties in the future. Feel free to view our OzCode v3.5 Webinar for more information.


We can't seem to reproduce the problem. Can you try downloading OzCode from a different network. For example a WIFI hotspot from your phone and see whether that solves the problem?

Thanks for the suggestion, in VS 2015 there is already a shortcut which is shift+alt+p. Unfortunately that shortcut was taken out in VS2017 so we will try to come up with a new one.

You can always choose your own shortcuts by going to Tools->Options->General->Keyboard


Thanks for the idea, it makes sense. We hope to implement it in a future version of OzCode.

Hi Huang,

OzCode doesn't change the behavior of VS in terms of stopping on exceptions. If you want to prevent VS from stopping on an exception that has a Try Catch (First chance exception), please uncheck the checkbox under Debug->Windows->Exception settings or ctrl+alt+E.

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, we don't have any news yet but we hope to add it in a future version. Recent improvements in the Mono Debugger should hopefully make this easier for us to implement than what we saw in the last time we've checked.

Hi Jakub,
We're sorry for the confusion. The Magic Glance feature can be easily disabled by clicking the glasses icon:

Hi Frank,

Please send it to