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Hi Nick,

You can change the colors by going to OzCode-Options->Heads Up Display
The font family itself can't be changed at the moment but we will fix this in a future release.

Hi Jeff,

We intend to release a Blogpost with more details soon.

Thanks for the idea. We hope to implement it in a future version of OzCode.

About the performance issues: We have done a lot of work in the latest version of OzCode. Please let us know if you experience any problems and we will send you instructions to how to send a performance snapshot so we can investigate further. In general, we have been getting extremely positive feedback in the performance of our latest editions.

About the settings issue: This has been fixed and the fix will be released as part of the next update of our EAP.

Thanks for the idea. We hope to implement it in a future version of OzCode.

We are working on a feature called "Go To Execution" in OzCode v4 which will allow you to track parameter's values and data flow much more quickly. We will begin blogging about these new features soon.

Thanks for the idea. It could probably work along with our Export feature.


We don't support Unity as of yet but we hope to in the future.

Hi Markus,

We're sorry to hear that you've ran into an issue with OzCode.

Can you please send us your log files which are located at %Temp%\OzCode\Logs to That would help us figure out more about the issue.


Once you've reached the limit of 3 computers, a message will pop up in which a link will be included. All you have to do is click on it and follow the instructions that follow.

Please note that the link doesn't work with some browsers at the moment so if you reach a template site, try to open it with another browser.