Conditional Breakpoints

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Conditional Breakpoints can make debugging so much more productive, but without OzCode, using them feels like a chore. OzCode makes adding a Conditional Breakpoint super easy! In just a single click, OzCode will set up a Conditional Breakpoint based on a specific property value, and pre-fill the predicate for you.

Want to add more predicates to the breakpoint? Take a shortcut! Simply hover over the relevant variable, and click the “Add Condition” button.

When set... Break

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The toughest bugs to figure out are those that involve mutating state. What do you do if at some point during the program’s execution, the state of some objects becomes invalid, but you have no idea exactly when and where it got that way? While inspecting values in the debugger, when you spot a problematic property value, use the Magic Wand and choose “When Set -> Break”. The next time the property value is changed, OzCode will break into the debugger and allow you to inspect the state of the program and figure exactly how that problematic value got there in the first place! These Setter Breakpoints work on both regular properties and auto-properties, and you can even add a Setter Breakpoint on properties you don’t have the source code to!

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