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Debugging complex expressions is never easy. How do you see what was returned by a method call? What did each boolean condition evaluate to in a long convoluted if statement? Without simplifying the code or adding variables to store individual results, answering these questions is difficult. With OzCode’s powerful “Simplify” visualization, you can instantly figure out exactly what is happening in your code! When stepping over an expression, a red/green color coding will tell you exactly which expressions returned false/true, respectively. The red or green indicate the result of the entire expression.

Simply click the Simplify button and the expression will be visualized instantly, giving you the option to drill down and see individual expression results.

Explore History

The nicest thing about Simplify is that you can see a historical view of your code’s execution. Each time you Step Over (F10) a line of code, a new Simplify button will appear, allowing you to look into the past! No longer will you have to restart debugging if you’ve Stepped Over too far!

Simplify Time Travel Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re a keyboard person, we’ve made some useful shortcuts for you to time travel without lifting your palms: Hit + to visualize the current line and then use + to visualize the current line or + to navigate between the different lines of code.You can also hold down the key while debugging and then tap a digit ( - ) to directly pick the statement to visualize.

Magic Glance

Click to see a detailed demo of Click to see a detailed demo of Magic Glance

The Magic Glance, which can be toggled by clicking the Toolbar icon (or by pressing the + + shortcut), gives you amazing insight into your code by showing you a summary of each line of code you stepped through.

Predict the Future

Click to see a Detailed Demo of Click to see a Detailed Demo of Predict

Code v2.0 performs predictive analysis of code execution (or as we like to call it: Fortune telling!). In the following switch statement, OzCode is predicting the future: you can see the arrow pointing to where we’re going to go when we hit F10, and irrelevant code paths are made semi-transparent.

Live Coding

Predict brings a new meaning to the term “Living Coding” by giving you instant feedback on changes you make as you’re debugging, allowing you to fix silly little coding mistakes extremely quickly.

If you’re using VS2015, Predict will even able to predict more complicated expressions, such as LINQ queries:

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