Exception Trail

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Without OzCode, investigating an exception is a dreary task - navigating through a trail of inner exceptions, scrolling through lengthy callstacks, and squinting through the exception’s associated data to try to make sense of the error. With OzCode, all the relevant information about the exception is presented in a handy tool-window. You can navigate through each inner-exception with a super- convenient breadcrumb control, and even launch a Google or stackoverflow search right from within Visual Studio!

Predicting Exceptions

OzCode’s Predict will alert you of an exception that’s about to happen. But that’s not all – if, for instance, OzCode detects an imminent NullReferenceException, you’ll see a red highlight showing exactly what expression is going to cause the exception!

OzCode’s predictive exception analysis makes it super-easy to fix an exception before it even happens, with the powerful of Edit & Continue!

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