Modify Background Color of Window

wyeack 2 years ago • updated by EBE 3 months ago 36
The default color scheme of OzColor is not working well with my color scheme:

See how you cannot read the text well?
I am using Visual Studio color editor and I get the following options when I search for OzCode:

Are any of these the correct colors that I have to change so that my OzCode will look nice?



This issue is fixed as part of the OzCode Early Access Preview program. Fixed in version The OzCode colors now appear in the Microsoft Theme Editor extension. so if you use a customized theme, you can change the OzCode colors to best fit your preferences.

Thanks for reporting this issue! We are working on a fix (you will not need to change the colors by yourself), and will update this thread once the fix has been deployed.
While you are at it, I would love it if you guys had a dark theme for your UI as well -
I love your product btw!
Hi William, thanks so much for your kind words!

Other than this bug you have found with the context menu, OzCode's UI should support Dark Theme - are you seeing otherwise? Can you please send a screenshot of the specific part of the UI that is not themed?

Thank you,
- Omer
OzCode does "support" a dark theme, but (at least for me) it is not optimized for it.

With the native controls, they have a default light background:

When you change the theme to dark, the popups mirror this and change their background to dark and their text to light:

With OzCode, even with a dark theme the background of the popups are still white:

I was just thinking that it would be cool if I could set it up so that the OzCode popups had a dark background with light colored text so that it would be similar to my code.
Actually, that's not supposed to happen: the DataTip window is supposed to look like this in Dark Theme:

Could you please send me a zip with content of the folder %TEMP%\OzCode\Logs to support@oz-code.com so I could try and figure out what went wrong?
Thank you very much for sending over the logs! We are investigating this issue and will be in touch as soon as we have news.

Has there been any progress on this? Would be great to get this fixed.

Hi Jeff, apologies for the delay. This issue has been fixed and the fix will be deployed in a big bug-fix update we are now stabilizing. The bug-fix update will be released sometime in November, but no exact date has been set. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you. I appreciate your hard work!

Was the fix deployed? It seems to still be broken...

Apologies for not updating this ticket! This issue should have already been solved in If you're seeing otherwise, could you please let us know if you're seeing otherwise, could you please let us know if you're using a custom Dark theme, and if you've used any special tools to customize your theme? Also, does the problem persist even if you switch to Light and then back to Dark theme?

Hi there,

I am using the latest update but I am still seeing the same issue. I am using a custom dark theme with the Visual Studio Color Theme Editor.

  1. I tried changing the theme to Light and then changing it again to the default dark theme. The OzCode colors worked as expected in that scenario.
  2. I took a screenshot of the colors that start with "OzCode" using the color scheme editor:
  3. I then changed it back to my custom theme and modified those colors. However, it is still not working. What colors do you guys use to color your controls?

Thanks a lot for the info and the screenshot. Indeed, some of the OzCode colors are not exposed through that interface, and that must be what's causing the problem. We are working on exposing all of the colors so you can manipulate them. That being said, we were expecting OzCode to figure out that you're using a derivative of the Dark theme and adjust accordingly. Could you please explain what steps you took exactly to create your modified Dark theme? Thank you for your patience.

I created it a long time ago…but I believe that I started out by creating a copy of the “Dark” theme. However, I created the initial theme several years ago – the origins of my color scheme come started back when I was using Visual Studio 2010.

Would it help if I exported my theme and sent it to you? This form won't let me attach it - is there an email that i could send it to?

It was nice seeing you at the Microsoft Build conference. Do you have an idea when you would be able to resolve this issue?

Hi Jeff, it was great to meet you in person as well! :) We can't commit to a specific time frame, and it will certainly happen after v3.0 is released, but we plan to do a system-wide change where we make all of the colors OzCode uses customizeable (also in an effort make OzCode more friendly to people who are color blind). In the meantime, you can always use the workaround of using the standard Visual Studio Dark Theme. We're sorry for making you wait and thank you for your patience.

Any update on this issue?

We have an update for this issue - we're close to finishing implementation on this fix (changing every color in the system to be customizable). This change will fix the issues users who use a customized dark theme have been expereiencing, and will also allow users who are visually impaired to use High Contrast mode in all of OzCode windows. You can expect to see a preview of this change coming soon.

Thank you so much, Omer. Really looking forward to the update.

Any ETA on this feature, Omer?

Yes, this will be available in the next EAP release which will be out by the end of next week.

Hi again. I can see that you've updated OzCode recently, but it seems I'm still unable to change the colors of the DataTip window... What is its name in the theme/color editor?

To customize the appearance of the OzCode DataTip, you must use the Microsoft Theme Editor extension.

Just do a search for "DataTip" to find it:

Modifying these colors will modify the OzCode Watch control in all contexts (QuickWatch, Pinned DataTip, etc)


This issue is fixed as part of the OzCode Early Access Preview program. Fixed in version The OzCode colors now appear in the Microsoft Theme Editor extension. so if you use a customized theme, you can change the OzCode colors to best fit your preferences.

I am using version, and I don't see the DataTip strings for OzCode in the theme editor....

Okay, I seem to have found the problem. I can see the new OzCode color strings, but only if I clone an existing theme. My current theme, which I've used for more than a year only has the old OzCode strings... Is there a way to merge them without losing the colors of my preferred theme?

Sorry to say I don't quite know of a way to accomplish this, but one thing you could try is using the Export button (on the top left corner) to export your customized theme to another .vstheme file, and also export the clone of the default theme to a .vstheme file, then use a Diff Tool to copy the missing parts from one to the other, and then Import it. I've never tried to do this myself so I can't guarantee it will work, but it might be worth a shot. This might also be a good question for the Q&A section of the Microsoft Theme Editor extension page on Visual Studio Gallery.

Thanks! I figured out the exact same solution. It works pretty well now. One thing though. It seems like the Heads-Up Display colors that you are able to change in the options don't persist. They are reset every time i go to Options. What are their equivalents in the theme color strings?

Thanks for the report, this problem seems to be specific to using a customized theme. We will investigate further and post here when there's a fix available.

I no longer seem to be able to change the color of the Annotation (HeadsUpDisplay) text. It's light grey and won't change.

Thanks for reporting this! We will look into this issue with regards to customized dark theme.

After stopping to use OzCode since this bug made the extension unusable for me, I recently downloaded v3 since it was supposedly fixed. Unfortunately, the dialog seems to be completely unusable now:

Hi there - has there been any progress on this? I am still getting this error - your product is basically unusable at this point...

I too am running into this, especially with the new release of Visual Studio Color Theme Editor 2017, it is making Ozcode completely unusable