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Coding Scratchpad

Joe 2 years ago in New features updated by Lior Kerner 2 years ago 5

Sometimes it'd be nice to execute a small snippet of code just to attach the debugger and test the behaviour.

Usually to do this we can write a unit test and run the unit test but we don't always want to create a new test for this, especially if it's just a one of.

It would be nice if OzCode let you open up a temporary code pad, with the ability to reference our assemblies and write actual code against them like a pseudo unit test.

This would be nice. Although you can already do this with LinqPad. But it would be nice to have this capability into the tool.

Linqpad is a nice scratch pad indeed. The debugger is a bit basic though and it'd be nice to have access to OzCodes suite while debugging. To do this with linqpad you'd need to remotely attach visual studios debugger which can be tedious. 

Under review
Thanks for you suggestion,

We think that the OzCode LINQ debugging and TimeTravel features could be a great assistant in a coding ScratchPad that other tools do not currently supply.
Glad to hear it!
Itd be super handy if I could select a block of code or a method and just launch a debugger into it. Understandably it'd probably need to be public so that OzCode could call it and would need to know any parameters to invoke the method and it it's classes  constructor which may make it a bit less intuitive to implement and use but if that could be worked around it'd be super useful. E.g maybe you can select a method to run and it stages a template in a scratch pad, complete with all required references and with place holders for the dependencies ready for the user to set then
Awaiting feedback

Hi Joe,

We have reviewed this request and actually find it quite challenging due to the difficulty with creating the execution context (as you mentioned). Do you have any ideas on how to easily create such execution context?