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Keyboard shortcut to export a variable to clipboard

abdu None 3 years ago in New features updated by Lior Kerner 2 years ago 2

I want to put the cursor on a variable and hit a key to export the variable straight to the clipboard without even popping up the modal window.. I do this action many times, it will save me a lot of time instead of every time going to the magic wand, wait for the popup window and then click on the clipboard option.

I paste the clipboard to the editor so that I can have a good permanent view of a variable's state during debugging.

Under review

Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely consider such a feature in the future. By the way, would you expect a different shortcut for each type of output? (JSON, C#, XML)

I only use the C# one. I assume the other 2 will take a small effort once the first one is done.