Add support for IIS in Enhanced Mode

Omer Raviv 9 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 7 years ago 11
Currently, BugAid Full mode can only debug web apps that run on Visual Studio's internal Development Web Server.

It would be very nice for it to support web apps that run on IIS as well.


Fixed in BugAid's latest version. 
Yeah. Im looking forward for this
I can't really use this product until this functionality works
Planned - Long term
This feature will be added in one of the next versions
Planned - Long term
This feature will be added in one of the next updates

Any idea when this feature will be added?  I just purchased a license for $49 and can't even use the tool!  Quite frustrating.


All of my development work is for web work with IIS and because of various reasons I'm unable to use the dev web server

We've already started initial work on this feature, but since it is a rather complex one, we really can't commit to a date. Please note you can use BugAid Standard Mode with IIS just fine.

If you are still dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us through the contact form.

Hi Omar,


Thank you for your prompt reply.  Can you provide a "ball-park" guess?  Are we talking 2-3 months or a year?


Thank you for your time.

Hi Dave, it's definitely more along the lines of 2-3 months.

  any news about IIS in Full Mode? Any release date prevision yet?
Hi Davide, we've been working hard on this feature and got Full Mode (for the most part) working nicely with IIS, but we still have to do some work to properly test and stabalize it. It'll probably be another month or so until we release it.
This issue will be fixed in the next update of BugAid. We have finished implementing it and are currently in the last stages of testing it. If you'd like, you can download this Early Access Build and try it out right now! If you decide to try the early access build, please be sure to let us know how it went, whether your experience was good or bad!
Is it working in IIS Express?
Yes, OzCode's Enhanced Mode (previously 'Full Mode' in BugAid) works in IIS Express.