Under review

Reduce gutter icons to a single column

John Adams 6 years ago updated by Wiktor Jagusiak 6 years ago 3
It's frustrating that the OzCode gutter icons take up multiple columns worth of space in the Visual Studio IDE. I would much rather have a single column (or the option to have one column) and access all of the functions there.
Under review
Thanks for the feedback, John! I'm not sure I totally understand you point - in general OzCode's gutter icons only take up a single column - do you mean you'd prefer it if OzCode's margin and the Visual Studio breakpoints margin were unified? 
Omer, yes that would be very nice. I am really enjoying the features of OzCode, but I have several extensions that each add a gutter row and its now taking up a lot of my screen real estate.
I understand. I think that's a problem that is becoming more and more common these days. Thanks again for your feedback, we will definitely look into improving this in a future update.