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Date format in exported Excel file

fahad 12 months ago in Improvements and existing features updated 12 months ago 2

I work with financial applications and one of the most wonderful features of OZ Code is the ability to export a collection into an Excel sheet. It helps me a lot in validating the calculations etc. Being a loyal subject of the Her Majesty, the Queen of England, I want my dates to display in the format of her liking. Is it possible that the Excel writer respects the local machine formats? Right now, I have to right-click on every column and select the format.

Under review

Thanks for getting in touch, Fahad! Just to make sure I fully understand your request - when you right click on one of the cells that shows a DateTime and choose Format Cells, does Excel recognize it as a Date but simply not render it according to Her Majesty's wishes, or does it not recognize that the cell is a Date?

When I open the Excel sheet, the date format is the US date format.

I right-click on the header, and select format. A is selected initially. I have to select B to make it appropriate per my machine.

The interesting thing is: if I press F2 on the cell, the date is in the proper format (31/03/2017 12:00:00 AM).