Very hard (impossible?) to find login on website to add more seats to a subscription.

Tony Seale 1 year ago in Improvements and existing features updated by support OzCode 9 months ago 5

I was never able to find the login on the website that allowed me to add more seats to my subscription. I had to go find an old email that had a link to an invite (that was expired) but that opened up a different login that allowed me to give you more money. If it's on there then either it's really hidden or I need to invest in glasses.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the feedback and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please reach out at support@oz-code.com and I'll be glad to assist and guide through.

Here is a link to the admin portal.


Ozcode Team

No need for me to do that. As I stated in my posting, I was able to find an old email with the link in it that led to shop.oz-code.com. It would just have been nice to not have had to spend 30 minutes searching. Or, as you suggest, spend a couple of hours awaiting a response from an email. Anyway, my feature request is to just make the "admin portal" available, or if it is then more prominent, from your main website so future me won't have this issue. 


Dear Tony,

Thank you, we do appreciate the caring.

The issue has been resolved, the link was fixed.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

OzCode Team.

their website and the product performance is unfortunately terrible!

Hi Brandon,

I apologize for your unsatisfied OzCode experience.

I'd like to better understand what made you post that comment, in order to resolve the issue and improve your debugging experience please reach out to us at support@oz-code.com

I'll be glad to assist you in gaining valuable debugging experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, The OzCode Team