In Quick Attach, I want to pin a choice...

Charles 1 year ago in Improvements and existing features 0


It's very helpful that Quick Attach allows users to pin frequently accessed processes, and gives them a hot key sequence such as [Shift]+[Alt]+[1] to attach directly to that pinned process.

One challenge however, is that when there are multiple processes that run within w3wp (as an example), users may be able to search for the specific process by title (in the example below it would be "proj7.cin.debug"), but they still have no way to pin this particular instance and get a keyboard hotkey sequence for it.

Perhaps if the good people at OzCode could add something like the mock-up below, it would improve an already beneficial feature.

Mockup of Proposed QuickAttach EnhancementMock-up of Proposed Quick Attach Enhancement.

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Charles Barest