Bug: Compare two objects not showing only differences unless scrolling down

Ahmed 2 years ago updated by Lior Kerner 2 years ago 1


I have been trying compare between two objects that has about 100 fields inside, when I checked "Show Only Difference" it shows nothing except blank (See Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/nbq9jt) but when I scrolled down then check the box again, it worked, but I need to scroll to each field to show up. (Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/nbqao4)

Also found another bug that when search and check the deep level, it disappear the columns of the object in the compare grid!

Using: Visual Studio 2019



Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for reporting these issues and sending us screenshots, our team is investigating them.

With regards to the second issue with our Search feature, could you please send over a screenshot of this behaviour to support@oz-code.com? I'd also appreciate it if you could send over your logs from %Temp%\OzCode\Logs

Thanks for your cooperation.