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After search show the full object

Guilherme Morais F. 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2
Hi Guys, 
 I don´t know if anyone place this suggestion but would be very nice if we could after we search a property, we could see the full object that we wanted. 

 I made a Image about that, I placed there in here (on step 3):

  This feature will work like this:
  1. First, you search the property you want inside the object that you are inspecting (using the mouseover feature);
  2. Then you click on the "Plus sign" and he could show the completed object that you have clicked, because today, he shows only the properties that you have searched for. (or maybe you just put a option on the right click the open another inspect window with this object completed.

Any doubts or suggestions fill free to say. 

Under review

I'm sorry it isn't very obvious - but what you're asking already exists! It's the little "eye" icon next to the star in search results - it does exactly what you ask: expands all the properties of the object

Hope this helps.
Hi Igal,
   Thank you, I never used that "eye". Forget what I sad, please.