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Works with Xamarin/NetStandard projects?

David 3 weeks ago in Feature Requests / Requests for platform support • updated by Leo Omri Finkelstein (Support Engineer) 3 weeks ago 2

I have installed version 4.0 EAP. I'm working in a Xamarin Forms project (IOS/Android/NetStandard) but I only see the normal variable window, not the OzCode window.

Are these platforms available?


PD: I have latests resharper installed but I'm using VS variable window.

Under review

Hi David,

OzCode currently supports Xamarin experimentally only thus some features might not be available.

Can you please send us over your log files which are located at %Temp%\OzCode\Logs to support@oz-code.com ? That would help us figure out more about the issue.

Hi David,

We've received the log files which are proving to be very helpful. Thanks for sending them.

Our team will further investigate.