Using Inspector window elsewhere...

Hbx 2 years ago in Improvements and existing features updated by Lior Kerner 1 year ago 2


When i hoover my variable, i get a little inspector window where i can drill down and use the Star-icon to "pin" the attributes (don't know the name it)!

I Love that feature... I'd like to use it in the watch-window in VS, at least!

Please fix this and i will love you even more than i do! :)

Under review

Thanks for the suggestion.

We hope to implement it in a future version of OzCode.


We believe that OzCode’s Time-Travel feature, along with our HUD, render the VS watch window unnecessary.

The VS watch window lacks context for the specific point in time, while Time Travel lets you navigate to a specific time and place and see the results right away (including the ability to use all of our other features).