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Show simple array description if array is not too long

Dirk Maegh 2 years ago in Improvements and existing features updated by Lior Kerner 1 year ago 1

OzCode knows how to display a variable in debug (the user selects the fields to show), so it could also show an array if not too complex (one to e.g. 4 items long, show as { itemdescription1, itemdescription2, itemdescription3, itemdescription4}

If I would have table instances in an array, and OzCode knows to show the tableName for a table instance, then show the array not as 'Count = 2', but as '{tableName1, tableName2} Count = 2'

Under review

Hi Dirk,

Thanks, that's a great suggestion and we will definitely look into it.

We didn't quite understand your second sentence, what did you mean by "table instances"? Do you mean ADO.NET DataTables?