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Thread Debugging

Troy Murphy 2 years ago in New features updated by Lior Kerner 1 year ago 1

I have seen this suggestion several times over the last few years but even after what appears to be a well accepted consideration it does not seem to be available yet.  Please consider making the effort to add this feature as I believe it would make the debugging experience a real game changer as debugging threaded code is nearly impossible as it is now.

That being a way to debug a single thread!  Ideally a toggle button that will set break points to the current thread - perhaps with an option to freeze the other threads.  

Under review

Hi Troy,

We definitely agree with you. This is a very commonly requested feature and we are considering to implement it. In the meantime, we recommend using TracePoints as a workaround. TracePoints are wonderful for multi-threaded debugging because you don't have to jump around between threads, you can just read the TracePoints output linearly. You can even filter by thread ID in the TracePoints viewer to see what each of them is doing at a time.