Record one debug session for comparison with another.

Ryan Varley 2 years ago in New features updated by Lior Kerner 1 year ago 1

1) You hit a breakpoint

2) Hit record

3) Step through as usual

4) Hit stop recording

5) Hit a breakpoint on the same line

6) Choose Side-By-Side run

7) Debug as usual, changing whatever values you want

The difference here being that you have two sets of values visible for each variable you come across, one from the previous run, and one live set.

It wouldn't need to run program twice, just record the states.  If line-by-line recording is too inefficient, maybe each breakpoint becomes a snapshot?

Thanks for the suggestion,

this is actually something we are currently working on as part of the new collaborative debugger. You can see an early preview of this in the 2nd half of our recent channel 9 video. In this tool, you will be able to create 2 Snapshots with 2 different executions and be able to compare them.