Add support for comparing multiple variable snapshots (or show it off in features page if it already exists :)

James Manning 9 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 9 years ago 2
Reading the features page entry for snapshots sounds great, but it makes me want a couple other features:

1) support for multiple snapshots (so 3 or 4 points in time)
2) being able to name the snapshots (so 'before call to Mogrify' instead of 3:05:02pm)

If either/both of these already exist, please show them off in the features page.  And if they don't, please implement them. :)
Thanks for the comments! It is indeed possible to create multiple snapshots and you can also give each one a unique name.

We're planning to have a more detailed information page on each feature in the future.
IMHO, updating the existing sshot on the features page to show 2 previous snapshots and giving them names would be better than what's currently there now since it would show those features off.  I understand going into more detail in a dedicated page, but just updating that screen shot alone would help get across those 2 awesome features. :)