OzCode Welcome Dialog blocks ability to edit SSIS Script Task

Alex Bello 4 months ago • updated by Leo Omri Finkelstein (Support Engineer) 2 months ago 5

I use VS2017 to edit SSIS packages. Whenever I have OzCode enabled and I try to edit a Script Task, it pops up a "Welcome" window behind the new editor windows that prohibits me from editing the script. When I try to click OK on the modal window, it won't do anything since it seems to be tied to the Dialog Box from the main project that launches the editor window. Is there a way to prohibit that welcome window from ever popping up?

Hi Alex,

We're very sorry for the delay.

Does the problem occur when editing a C# project in VS or only when working with SSIS?

Can you please reproduce the issue and send us over your log files located at %Temp%\OzCode\Logs to support@oz-code.com

That would really help us to further understand the issue.


My apologies for not responding sooner. I ended up uninstalling OzCode because I needed to finish a project immediately. I also installed the standalone VS2015 data tools so I could continue to work. I am not having issues with this on VS2017 as I am no longer using it to build SSIS packages. 

Once the issue has been addressed, I can go ahead and try installing again on VS2017.

Please fix this. Install SSDT 2017 and then create an SSIS package. Add a script task from the SSIS toolbox. Edit the script. The blocking modal dialog (which is *always* a bad idea) appears.

Seriously this needs to be fixed immediately. Get rid of the splash screen with the anonymous checkbox.

Thanks for letting us know, Travis.

We will look at how we can solve this for you as soon as we can.