Hot key to bring up Quick Attach

nickm324 3 years ago updated by Charles 7 months ago 2

Would be nice to have a hot key to bring up Quick Attach instead of have to stop what I am doing and start navigating menus.

Thanks for the suggestion, in VS 2015 there is already a shortcut which is shift+alt+p. Unfortunately that shortcut was taken out in VS2017 so we will try to come up with a new one.

You can always choose your own shortcuts by going to Tools->Options->General->Keyboard

@Leo, I'm probably a bit late here, but my VS2017 uses [ctrl]+[alt]+[p] to launch Visual Studio's attach to process dialog.
When I pin a process in OzCode's Quick Attach, I am offered a hot key such as [Shift]+[Alt]+[1] for that pinned process, so my key combination immediately attaches to the process I need in one step without having to hunt or search.