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Transfer content of a Collection (List etc.) to a Window

mfs 3 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 3 years ago 4

Please add functionality to inspect (look through) a Collection (List etc.) in a seperate Window, instead of using the popup in VS.

And - thanks for a great product!

Under review

Fortunately, you can always use the QuickWatch window which will enable you to inspect a Collection in a separate window. Is that what you were looking for? We also thank you for your kind words.

Hi, it probably is.

I'm familiar with the Linq inspection functionality, where you can scroll through the rows. That is great!

What I miss is the ability to open a window with the list's contents, instead os using the popup menu in VS (which  disappear simply because I have moved the mouse by mistake).

Can I find the QuickWatch (not export) on the right-mouse popup?

Thanks for a quick answer!

Regards, Michael.

Hi Michael,

Ah, if you want a persisted window with an easier way to look at the LINQ debugging information, which doesn't disappear when you click away, you can use the LINQ Analysis window for that. This is covered in this video: http://o.oz-code.com/videos#202603006 and also in my recent Channel9 video - I begin talking about the LINQ features around minute 31. Please let me know if you managed to use it and if it was helpful.

Finally I wonder if I could ask for a small favor - if you enjoy OzCode, would you please consider taking a moment to leave a short review on our Visual Studio Marketplace page? It would mean a lot to us!

Thank you and have a great day,

 - Omer Raviv, CTO, OzCode

Ah, I forgot to mention, the QuickWatch window can be opened by going to Debug->QuickWatch (usually Shift+F9 is the shortcut). This is for when you want to explore some variable in a modal dialog (similar to the Visual Studio Watch window).