Add a column to tracepoint viewer for index/ordinal so that it's easier to refer to tracepoints and cross reference them with previous runs exported to Excel.

gabefc 3 years ago updated by Michael Shpilt (OzCode .NET Team Lead) 3 years ago 1

I've been debugging a workflow in a mobile app in which I've placed 5 tracepoints.  After execution, the tracepoints are evaluated 40 times.  

I've exported the tracepoint content from the viewer to Excel several times in order to persist the data for comparison with subsequent debugging runs, but after a few traces it becomes increasingly difficult to cross-reference an active trace with a previous one that's been exported to a spreadsheet.  

I believe a simple index or ordinal value associated with each trace in the sequence of traces could be useful in certain cases (like mine) where referencing specific trace output within a set of trace entries is needed.

Hi Gabe,

Thanks for the idea! We'll definitely consider to do this at a future version.

 For now, I'd suggest to manually add an index prefix to each of your Tracepoints with a comma separator and use Excel's "Text To Columns" feature



Michael Shpilt

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