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Show all locals in Magic Glance

Christer van der Meeren 3 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 3 years ago 3

I frequently break in the middle of methods. Magic Glance then gives me no information on existing locals (from lines I haven't stepped over), which would have been highly useful. I'd like the option to see all local variables in Magic Glance.

Preferably this could be turned on and off as needed. For example, after breaking in the middle of the method, I can turn it on (toolbar button?) to have Magic Glance show me all the values in the method. When I don't need it anymore, I can turn it off again (it's great whenever you need it, but might be too much visual clutter otherwise).

AFAICS this should be technically possible - after all, the Locals window in VS already has this information when breaking in the middle of a method.

Under review

Thank you very much for the feedback! This feature request makes a ton of sense. Our only concern is that it might be a tad confusing, as the Magic Glance generally shows you what happened in the past (so that if the local had changed later on in the method, it would show you the historical value), whereas what you're suggesting would mean we're showing the current value of each local on top. So we'd have to think long and hard on how design the UX so that this wouldn't feel too inconsistent.

Having said that, we are planning a feature for OzCode v4 (perhaps our most ambitious feature yet) that I believe would serve your needs in a different way. I can't go into it yet, but please do keep posted to our blog as we will be releasing a preview later this year.

Thanks again for your suggestion.

Will you provide a separate locals window? I would really like to see a Magic Locals window which shows custom debugger info that I have assigned.

Especially the local "this"

So that rather than seeing "this | NamesSpace.SomeType" as it is in current window, I would get to see the Oz version of this (which would show "this | StarredProperty: Value" showing all the starred properties. Would save me a lot of clicks trying to find out which instance of a class I am in!

That is definitely on our minds as well! Not only the Locals window but also the "Autos" and "Watch" windows as well.