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disable all other breakpoints until a specific breakpoint is hit.

fpdave100 3 years ago updated by Manuel Eisenschink 7 months ago 2

This supports the common scenario where code contains lots of breakpoints, but which are to be ignored until some scenario is entered. 

My typical solution is to disable all other bps until the one BP is hit, then re-enable them all.

Under review

Thank you very much for the idea, we agree that this may prove useful in a lot of cases. By the way, Tracepoints can sometimes achieve the same goal.

Is there any progress on your review? I currently have this very scenario:

I have to debug a TCP client class which currently has the bug that it sends data multiple times instead of once and then wait some time until the data is receipted. In order to understand this I have to set a breakpoint which gets hit after the first cycle. The first cycle sends the data regularly, the second then goes wrong as it obviously ignores the timeout until it resends the data.

Here it would be super helpful if I could set a "silent" breakpoint (which does not actually break) that enables another breakpoint which I want to actually get to.

Since this code runs in a loop which is limited to 50ms per cycle, I can't obviously do this by manually enabling breakpoints as it would jump right out the loop.

Please, that would be a great addition to Oz-Code!