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JetBrains Rider support

richard 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Requests for platform support • updated by Froghut 2 hours ago 7

Is there a plan in place to support JetBrains Rider IDE?

Under review

JetBrains Rider is definitely on our minds :) Although we do not have any concrete plan / dates to speak of yet.

Hi Omer. Now with Rider out in full force, any movement on this? Really missing it since switching IDEs.

Hi Richard! We still don't have any official announcements to make but definitely watch this space as we are very busy working out the exact plan for OzCode's expansion into new IDEs and new languages as we speak. Thank you for your kind words - we miss you too :)

This would be an excellent benefit to the renewal of an OzCode subscription. :)

Yes! I'm using Rider in Production every day and OzCode will be great plugin for productive work!