Tooltip on a floating code window brings the main window into focus

Jon Bates 3 years ago • updated by Leo Omri Finkelstein (Support Engineer) 9 months ago 5
I develop in a multi-monitor setup, and regularly rip code tabs into new windows.
When debugging cod in a 'ripped out' window, hovering over a variable invokes the ocode-enhanced preview window. Unfortunately, this gives focus back to the main VS window, obscuring the code I am actually looking at!

Screenshot attached

Under review
Hi Jon,

Sorry for the delay in response, thanks a lot for reporting this bug!
Our team is working on it and it will be fixed in a future revision.

I have the same problem in the current version. It is quite annoying.

Thanks for drawing our attention to the issue, we thought we had it fixed. We will make sure to further investigate.