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QuickAttach genereal Features

Steven Spyrka 4 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 4 years ago 1

This feature is very good so far, but there are some things missing, maybe some of them are already written but I want to write a complete list of what would be cool in my opinion.

- OzCode currently detects that visual studio needs to be elevated in order to attach to a process (e.g. windows services), but that's all. It would be much better like the visual studio attach to process function does, to offer a dialog to automatically restart the running solution with elevated permissions.

- Sometimes the process where I want to attach the project to isn't running and OzCode shows that in the quick attach list (grayed out). It would be better like the ReAttach extension does, that it shows a form saying that the process isn't started yet and visual studio waits until the processs is started and automatically attaches to it.

- Additionally to iisexpress.exe, please add w3wp.exe (IIS)

- If I open quick attach and write something in the search box, remove the text with backspace, it would be cool that the next pressing of backspace in the empty seachfield will call the back button to go to the initial view

Under review

Awesome ideas, thanks a lot for the feature request! We'll keep these under consideration.

Note that QuickAttach already supports w3wp processes, and will even give you hints into which web application is which when you select it.