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Search feature: show empty tree if search item isn't found

arun@c42 7 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 7 years ago 2
Search for members should still show the object members tree (i.e with the member still at root but no children) if search item isn't found. Currently the entire object browser window collapses which is bit unsettling. Thanks
Thank you very much for the feedback, Arun! I agree that just showing a blank space when search did not return any results is unsettling and unexpected. Perhaps instead of showing just the root node, we should simply show a message "Search for the value 'MySearchString' did not return any results'. Do you think that would be a good solution?
Thank you for the reply Omer, it does sound like a good solution. I suppose showing the member name, with the message underneath it (in light text may be) would help maintain the visual context. Like so -
        <no results>
Search: nonexistantproperty