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Reveal window needs be dockable. Stay up when i alt-tab.

OrangeKyo 4 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 4 years ago 7

I spend a few minutes drilling down to what I want, only to have to alt-tab to check my notes. I come back and all my searing/drilling down is gone! So frustrating!


Great, prompt response. Directly from CTO too! Kind and helpful.

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Thanks for getting in touch! There is actually a solution to this problem, but it can be a little hard to spot. After you drill-in and find the item you're looking for, click the Pin button:

This will pin the item to your text editor, which can be a great debugging tool, as you're able to see how the value is changed as you step over code.

Please let me know if this solves your issues.

Unfortuanately the pinned reveal window is still not resizeable in version 2.0, also I would some times like it not inside the editor especially if you are revealing more than one variable.

We are defnintely planing to improve this window, allowing to pop it off from the editor and place wherever you like.

Hey! Thanks for the prompt response!

Wow that is really hard to spot. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

However, this is still not quite what i'm looking for. I don't need to see the value of a single variable. I want to examine the entire tree in a watch window, with the cool "use this field as my display name" star feature. Edit: And search feature too.

Moreover, that pin is only a tiny window for just that field restricted to the visual studio text editor. I want to drag it to another monitor, put it at full screen, and continue debugging as I alt-tab back and forth.

In other words (and perhaps this is a tribute to the quality of your product) the "hover over" windows you have created are too useful: i want the whole window to persist, as a first-class, dockable window. Not just as a temporary tooltip.

In fact, I thought this was what you meant by that "dragging/plus" icon that appears in the top right when you hover over your reveal window. Dragging and resizing this window is great! I can even do so across multiple monitors. However, once again, my drag and resize efforts do not persist. They vanish the moment i happen to alt-tab.

Hope this feedback helps. ^^

Planned - Long term

Hi again! Thank you very much for clarifying your request. We plan to implement an OzCode Dockable Watch window in a future version of OzCode, which would function exactly the way you're describing, and will also allow you to persist the Searching/Drilling you've done in the on-hover DataTip window as you continue debugging. I've set this ticket back to "Planned" state to allow others to upvote your request as well.


It would be excellent if you could just integrate the object navigation stuff right into Visual Studio's Locals and Watch tools.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, James. We do plan to do that in a future version of OzCode, but don't know yet which version of OzCode this will be. To be more precise, we'll be replacing the Locals and Watch window entirely with much better alternatives.