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Color coded Tracepoints

Darrell Plank 4 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 4 years ago 1

Somebody else suggested colors based on a regex search on the contents of the tracepoint but if you're going to have a tracepoint dialog (which I think you are and you definitely need), then just allow the user to set the colors on an individual basis. If you implement tracepoint "groups" (which has been suggested and I think is OH SO important!) then you can color all the tracepoints in individual groups by default so all the GUI tracepoints come out in blue and all the Calculation error tracepoints come out in red. The main thing with tracepoints IMHO is you want to not discourage people from putting tons of them in but you still want it organized so when there are tons of them, people are able to pull the information out of them easily. I think the color coding along with the groups and a tracepoint dialog would help tremendously.

Under review

Thank you very much for the extremely thoughtful and interesting idea, Darrell! I definitely agree with everything you've suggested. In the future, we'd like to even take this idea even one step further and allow users to color-code or filter the tracepoint messages not only by the message/group/regexp, but also by supplying a predicate on the values that the tracepoint captured, much like Procmon's advanced filtering works.