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Better support for XmlNodeList

Danny Miller 7 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 7 years ago 2

Our applications are xml heavy and I often wish to reveal values or even the whole .OuterXml of the nodes within an XmlNodeList that I am looping through.  However, starring properties that I have to expand base types to get to does not make them show up in the list.  Search won't find elements that have attributes with a matching value.  You also can't run to a certain item within the node list like you with other collection types.

Hi Danny, thanks a lot for reporting this! 

Unfortunately, this issue stems from the fact that XmlNodeList was introduced in v1 of .Net, before Generics were introduced, and so it derives from IEnumerable instead of IEnumerable<XmlNode>. This makes it tricky for OzCode to figure out what information it can display about each member in the list. We'll need to think up ways to improve this. 

As a temporary workaround, you can open up the QuickWatch window and evaluate an expression such as: 'myNodeList.Cast<XmlNode>().ToArray()', as seen in this image:

You will then be able to use 'Reveal' on the list without problem.

As for the issue where Search won't find elements that have attributes with a matching value, I just reproduced this and it is definitely a bug. We will investigate and fix this.

Thanks again for the report, and for taking part in the beta!

Thanks for the suggestion for modifying the expression in the QuickWatch expression.  This is something that is helpful which I do pretty frequently, so I'm surprised I didn't think to try it in conjunction with OzCode.  That'll take care of some of my needs, and I'm glad to see you are thinking of ways to handle the rest.