Planned - Long term

OzCode should not interrupt my workflow to inform me of new updates.

Justin Rusbatch 6 years ago updated by tsahi 1 year ago 3
Currently OzCode will prevent me from exiting Visual Studio with a prompt to install the latest update. I think this notification would be better if it utilized a mechanism that doesn't break me out of my normal routine. An example of an alternate solution would be some text in the bottom right corner of Visual Studio (like ReSharper or NCrunch) that subtly tells me when updates are available.

Ultimately, however, update notifications should be provided by Visual Studio's Extension Manager, and not by the extension itself.
Planned - Long term
Thanks, Justin, for the feedback!

Just to make sure, did the update notification prevent you from closing Visual Studio? Because that's NOT supposed to happen! It's just a dialog we display when Visual Studio is shutting down. We will investigate this!

We are looking to move to a pure-VSIX distribution in the future, this way the Extension Manager will take care of updates, as you mention.

Thanks again, and I'll look into the blocking dialog issue!

It's been 5 years. Why doesn't OzCode integrate properly with VS extensions? I don't want to have to manually go to your site and download/install an extension. The extension should show up in the list of extensions I can install and I should be able to install directly from VS just like I can for every other extension I use.

Also having to click a button to update your extension when closing VS is inconsistent and a pain compared to getting a (non-intrusive) notification while using VS that an update is available and being able to batch update all my extensions at once is critical. Having to "manually" update OzCode after getting a notification while closing VS just doesn't make sense in the VS 2015+ world.

Asking me to update OzCode when I close Visual Studio is the worst timing, because this is when I end my work day and want to go home. I don't want to stay extra 5 minutes for OzCode. So I will often dismiss it until the next day.

As CoolDadTx noted, you should let the extension manager notify us of the update. I'm more likely to make an update at the start of the day than the end of it.