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Filter frames in 'Call Stack'

Sławomir Brzeziński 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2
It would be very useful When Debugging a code that is recursive but needs to go through intermediate methods. Very often you need to jump between recursion steps of the same method, which is very cumbersome when the call stack also contains intermediate methods code.

In the first instance, just a free text search by Method's fully qualified name will do!

It would be also useful to apply multiple negative filters, e.g. to filter-out library code by namespace (when we're interested in learning what is the call structure of only the code that we maintain).
Under review

Hi Sławomir and thanks for your suggestion!

That's a great idea and we'll work on implementing it. We are generally interested in improving recursive functions, and create a better call stack window that would support advanced usage cases as you had described.

By the way - In the mean time you can right click the existing VS call stack window and check/uncheck "Show External Code"

Thanks again :)

Thanks Lior! This is very good to hear.

I'm well aware of the "Show External Code", but sadly it's of no use for our scenario :( The intermediate frames we'd like to filter out belong to code in the same solution. The main criteria for filtering needs to be namespaces.