Compare Save Value for next debugging session

Steven Spyrka 5 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 5 years ago 2

If I click on Compare > Save value then I can compare this saved state only with another instance of a later one, but only in the same debugging session.

If there is more than one debug scenario for my project and I want to compare two instances over two debugging sessions in sequence, i can't. The saved values are only for one debug session.

It would be very good if the saved instance would last until I close Visual Studio or the Project or delete the saved values manually.
With this feature it could be possible start debugging, test one scenario, save the instances, stop debugging and then start debugging again, test scenario 2 and compare the current instances with the saved ones.

Thank you for the request! This feature has already been implemented, and it will be part of OzCode v2.1 (which revamps the Compare experience to make it much easier to use).