Planned - Long term

Add a quick action that can open the search window or show all instances of type window based on where the caret or debug progress is

Llewelyn Rex 5 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 5 years ago 2
During debugging, I have to hover my mouse over variables that I want to interrogate. It would be nice if I could somehow do this using the keyboard. To this end, I have two ideas.

I have the ability to move the caret around during debugging, so I thought it might be possible to add a keyboard shortcut that could open the search window based on what the caret is on.

Another thought is that one could perhaps also use the Quick Actions function: when the quick actions for the line on which the caret is located is opened, perhaps the relevant variables and/or objects which can be interrogated can be shown, and one could scroll to the one that one would like to interrogate (in addition to the Create Tracepoint and other options).
Under review
Hi, Llewlyn! When your caret is over a variable you want to inspect, if you want to inspect it using your keyboard only, the best option would be to use OzCode's QuickWatch window (Ctrl+Alt+Q or Shift+F9, depending on your Visual Studio configuration). This will open a modal dialog which is usually the most convenient way to interrogate with the keyboard. When you're done, just hit Escape to close it.

I like your idea of making QuickWatch more accessible through the QuickActions menu, we will definitely consider adding this in a future update!