Different actions in QuickAction in same multiline statement

Tony Henrich 7 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 7 years ago 1

I have a multiline method. The QuickAction on the first line shows 3 actions. On the second line it shows 6 actions.. Wait.. now the first line shows 4 actions  and the other lines show 5 actions.

I don't like things disappearing like this. Always show all the actions and disable the ones that do not apply. Are the actions dependent on where the caret is?

Hi Tony, thanks a lot for your feedback! 

QuickActions are supposed to be contextual - many of the actions depend on the caret's position - for example, if the caret is on a method's name, you will see a "Trace every entry to method", if it's over an expression you might see a "Compare With..." and "Add Conditional Breakpoint on..." QuickActions that specifically apply to that expression. Because of this, unfortunately, if we always show all the options including ones that currently do not apply, the list would become way too long.

That being said, your feedback made us realize that some of the QuickActions are not truly contextual, and should perhaps be moved elsewhere, to make the experience more intuitive.

Thanks again for letting us know what you think and please do continue to give us your thoughts, we really appreciate it!