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potential features page workaround for twitter bug?

James Manning 6 years ago • updated by Lior Kerner 3 years ago 4
I noticed on the features page that the 'twitter updates' section at the bottom was empty.  I debugged it to what I'm guessing is a bug (I would think) on the twitter side, but one that appears to have a workaround.

Currently it calls the bugaid.json with count=1

This is currently returning (at least for me in Chrome and Firefox) an empty array, specifically the text:


However, values higher than 1 seem to return actual entries, so changing it to 2 or 5 or something should be sufficient to get that bit of the page working AFAICT.


Interesting! The problem with the fix, however, is that then we'd have 2 tweets while there should be 1... It used to work fine until now, so I hope Twitter will fix this issue on their side soon.
you could specify count=2 and only use the first returned tweet on the client side, ya know :)