Linq crashing debugger in Xamarin

NickW 3 weeks ago in Improvements and existing features 0

I am trialling Ozcode in a Xamarin app but it is crashing the whole debugger when it hits a linq statement. I have a minimal reproduceable example.

I created an empty xamarin app with only a UWP project along with the shared code. In the shared code projected I added the following line to the MainPage.xaml.cs after components are initialised.

bool test = "abcdefg".Any(x => x == 'd');

Setting a break point just before this cause a crash if prediction is turned on. If prediction is turned off, the debugger crashes when it steps onto this line unless I turn of the linq option in ozcode in which case it no longer crashes. 

The error message before the debugging session shuts down is "The target process exited with code -2146232797 while evaluating function 'System.Type.GetType'"

The same thing happens on my main system and on my laptop which has minimal additions beyond plain visual studio install.

There are more details in support ticket #13529.


I'm not sure if this is where you want bug reports but no reply from support ticket so giving it a go.