When breaking on exception, provide an option for 'prevent breaking on this exception'

James Manning 9 years ago updated by Omer Raviv 9 years ago 1
When running under the debugger with 'break on exception' turned on, if the debugger breaks on an exception, having an option for "don't break on this exception type anymore" would be useful (especially for third-party exceptions). 

It would automate my current process which is to open the VS exceptions dialog, add a new entry into CLR exceptions for the full type name of the third-party exception, then clearing the 'break on exception' checkbox for that particular exception.

Bonus points if it also includes options for "don't break on this exception type" up the exception inheritance hierarchy. :)
We definitely share your pain on this issue, and would like to replace the "Exception was thrown" window in Visual Studio with a more useful one, that includes this feature.  This is planned for a the next version of BugAid (2.0). 

You may also want to upvote the request for a better Exceptions Dialog.