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Showing differences inside running-path

Sascha 5 years ago updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 5 years ago 1
Hello,I know that this is not easy, but it would be great if someone could set a starting breakpoint and a ending breakpoint. In this pathway all information should be saved internally (Which methods, in which order were called in this pathways, and all object-states). And this pathway-information should then be comparable to a previous one.
For example I have the problem that my 'save' method is not working exactly as my 'save as' method.
both methods are calling the method 'savefile(String filename)'.
But inside this method 'savefile' the behaviour seams to be different.

in detail:
method 'save' is calling 'savefile' method      -> pathway1
method 'save as' is calling 'savefile' method -> pathway2
And I need to find out what is different between the called pathway1 and pathway2

kind regards,


Under review
Thanks for the suggestion, Sascha! This is a great idea, and we do hope to support such advanced retrospective analysis in a future version of OzCode.

Please see that you can already achieve some interesting analysis by using the Tracepoint feature in this case. While you've hit a breakpoint inside the 'savefile' method, click the QuickActions icon on the right of the method and select "Trace every entry to 'savefile'. You can also add additional breakpoint with any bit of information you think would be relevant to your bug. Then, just perform 'save' and then 'save file', and analyze the result in the Tracepoint Viewer. 

Note that the Tracepoint Viewer allows you to look at the complete callstack of each message, so you can see exactly where each call was coming from.

For more information on Tracepoints, please see this instructional video