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QuickAttach - Ability to attach to w3wp.exe with AppPool name WITHOUT conflicts

Tudor Lupan 5 years ago updated by kris.smet 1 year ago 5

If there are multiple w3wp.exe processes with different AppPool names, the QuickAttach Conflict window will always pop up. It would be nice if QuickAttach can remember a specific w3wp.exe process based on AppPool name.

Under review

Thanks Tudor, that's a great idea, we'll consider it!

If its multiple w3w processes I'd be happy with an Attach All button


Would be great even if it challenged to select an app pool on the first attach in a session/project, but then offered that w3p.exe + app pool choice in the first window for future attaches. For any given project, I'm usually attaching to the same app pool again.

This is my attach window:

But with that project/session, I always want to attach to this app pool:

And what would be really great is if there was just a "re-attach" icon that attached back to the same process and app pool as the last attach.

Thanks Richard, that makes a lot of sense. Hopefully we will implement your idea in a future version of OzCode.

refresh button would also be nice