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Ah, I forgot to mention, the QuickWatch window can be opened by going to Debug->QuickWatch (usually Shift+F9 is the shortcut). This is for when you want to explore some variable in a modal dialog (similar to the Visual Studio Watch window).

Hi Michael,

Ah, if you want a persisted window with an easier way to look at the LINQ debugging information, which doesn't disappear when you click away, you can use the LINQ Analysis window for that. This is covered in this video: and also in my recent Channel9 video - I begin talking about the LINQ features around minute 31. Please let me know if you managed to use it and if it was helpful.

Finally I wonder if I could ask for a small favor - if you enjoy OzCode, would you please consider taking a moment to leave a short review on our Visual Studio Marketplace page? It would mean a lot to us!

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 - Omer Raviv, CTO, OzCode

Fortunately, you can always use the QuickWatch window which will enable you to inspect a Collection in a separate window. Is that what you were looking for? We also thank you for your kind words.

Hi Steve. Thanks for the report! As it turns out, I just tested this and the problems occurs just the same on an instance of Visual Studio that does not have OzCode installed. As such, you may want to report this issue on the Microsoft feedback page.

FYI - the problem occurs because enumeration the Results View requires the System.Threading.Thread type to be already loaded into your application. Thus, if you were to add the line of code "var myThread = Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId;" to your console app (for example, as the 1st line of Main()), that will solve the problem for you.

Hope this help!

That is definitely on our minds as well! Not only the Locals window but also the "Autos" and "Watch" windows as well.

Thank you very much for the feedback! This feature request makes a ton of sense. Our only concern is that it might be a tad confusing, as the Magic Glance generally shows you what happened in the past (so that if the local had changed later on in the method, it would show you the historical value), whereas what you're suggesting would mean we're showing the current value of each local on top. So we'd have to think long and hard on how design the UX so that this wouldn't feel too inconsistent.

Having said that, we are planning a feature for OzCode v4 (perhaps our most ambitious feature yet) that I believe would serve your needs in a different way. I can't go into it yet, but please do keep posted to our blog as we will be releasing a preview later this year.

Thanks again for your suggestion.

JetBrains Rider is definitely on our minds :) Although we do not have any concrete plan / dates to speak of yet.

Thanks for the suggestion, Johnatan! That makes a lot of sense and we'll definitely consider adding that. 

Thanks for the report, Luis! This bug was fixed in version v3.1.0.3913. Please update to the latest version and let us know if you have any issues. We do apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this issue caused you.

Hi Derick, sorry to hear you're having problems installing OzCode. Do you have Build Tools 2017 installed by any chance?

There are known issues with the build tools 2017 which cause problems when installing extensions, and Microsoft is currently working on a fix. You can try to temporarily uninstall Build Tools, and then try to install OzCode. 

Does that help?