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Issue with Ozcode v4

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I am having some issues with the version 4 of the ozcode extension (OzCode_4.0.0.163).

The debugger is crashing when I am running a console program with some breakpoints.

You can find herewith the error message and the ozcode log.
When I disable the extension the debug seems to work fine.

Is there an more recent version available for the extension ? Do you have an url where the latest version of the extension is alway available by the way ? 

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Under review

Thanks for the report Alexandre, we'll have a look at the logs and get back to you as soon as we have an update.

v4.0.0.163 is currently the latest version, but please keep in mind that it is in Early Access and might therefore still have some glitches. The current stable release of OzCode is v3.1.

The latest version of the EAP can always be found here.