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LINQ analysis

Hbx 11 months ago in Improvements and existing features • updated by Lior Kerner 4 months ago 2

I'd love Linq Analysis tool. Would like to have it "standalone" to test my queries.
Perhaps a textbox where i can put in my variables (static or in real time) and my LINQ-statement and in realtime see what the output and the steps to the result are (just like the tool does today).

In other words, i would like to be able to use the tool without debugging and editing my source code to test different queries.

...or at least beeing able to connect to the LINQ analyzer tool via my Watch window. It's easier to edit the Linq statement there than in the source code while debugger is paused.

Under review

Thanks for the feature suggestion.

We are considering to add such a LINQ scratch pad feature as we feel that this could be a helpful debugging tool in any context.